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An unususual way of discovering Halong Bay in STAND UP PADDLE !

It did not exist in Halong Bay up to now and Cat Ba Sailing gives you the possibility to do it now!
As close as possible to sugar loaves, you will cross caves, you will pretend to fall in order to enjoy a deserved swin after all your efforts.  And if you want, you could drink a beer while watching the sunset on your paddle ! 
Catba Sailing Junk

Our Commitment

Our goal is to give our customers the best experience they can get. Halong bay is one of the seven world wonders of nature. In order to see the true majestic of this place we strive to bring you to the hidden secrets alone, and try to avoid the big stream of boats. With Halong bay being one of the most visited places in Vietnam we try to minimize the impact we have on its nature.
 Story one

Story one – three day tour

We booked a three day tour  on board of the Cat Ba Princess. We were welcomed by a really nice crew and had a cup of coffee. Then we were shown our cabins which were really comfortable. What we liked is that by opening the curtains you could even see all beautiful things through the window. Furthermore what I noticed is the design of the interior is really nice. After getting in our things in the cabin we had sailed for quite a bit and we had lunch. Then we arrived at a bay where no other boats were and we prepared for a dive in the water. We even got to a small beach where we could see some more of the wildlife and nature. After this visit we went to another bay where we paired up with one of the other boats and had dinner. We spoke to the people on the other boat about what they had done, they went to one of the floating villages, which we had seen already but not yet visited. This was on the program for the next day. After dinner we sat down for a drink with the crew. Where Halong bay is really beautiful during the day it becomes mysterious at night. The moon and starts just give enough light to see the mountains which makes you realize on what kind of special place you are. The next two days where even more relaxing with small visits to beautiful places, the floating villages, nice lunches and dinners. It was an amazing trip and we went back to Hanoi completely relaxed.