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An unususual way of discovering Halong Bay in STAND UP PADDLE !

It did not exist in Halong Bay up to now and Cat Ba Sailing gives you the possibility to do it now!
As close as possible to sugar loaves, you will cross caves, you will pretend to fall in order to enjoy a deserved swin after all your efforts.  And if you want, you could drink a beer while watching the sunset on your paddle ! 
Catba Sailing Junk

Our Commitment

Our goal is to give our customers the best experience they can get. Halong bay is one of the seven world wonders of nature. In order to see the true majestic of this place we strive to bring you to the hidden secrets alone, and try to avoid the big stream of boats. With Halong bay being one of the most visited places in Vietnam we try to minimize the impact we have on its nature.
Story two

Story two

Halong bay is not new to me, this was already my fifth visit. But every time the place gets to astonish me. As I did the previous times we booked the custom tours because this time we had some friends with us. It is nice to know we can discuss and do what we feel like. I also already knew the crew so they gave us an extra warm welcome. It is hard for me to describe what I think Is so beautiful about the place, I think it is the peacefulness. Seeing all the black kites slowly fleeing above the mountains, the beautiful sights. It is a new experience for me every time. The reason I come here and book a custom tour is because we really like to enjoy the nature, the water and have a quiet and relaxing time. By avoiding other cruises this place makes you feel you are there all alone. Except for the fishermen but they are really part of the place and important as well because while we were swimming they provided our diner. The chefs onboard keep on amazing me every time. The diner was really tasteful but also beautifully decorated. We had a really wonderful time and I hope I can come back here many other times.