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An unususual way of discovering Halong Bay in STAND UP PADDLE !

It did not exist in Halong Bay up to now and Cat Ba Sailing gives you the possibility to do it now!
As close as possible to sugar loaves, you will cross caves, you will pretend to fall in order to enjoy a deserved swin after all your efforts.  And if you want, you could drink a beer while watching the sunset on your paddle ! 
Catba Sailing Junk

Our Commitment

Our goal is to give our customers the best experience they can get. Halong bay is one of the seven world wonders of nature. In order to see the true majestic of this place we strive to bring you to the hidden secrets alone, and try to avoid the big stream of boats. With Halong bay being one of the most visited places in Vietnam we try to minimize the impact we have on its nature.
About Catba Island

About Catba island

Cat Ba Island
Cat Ba is the largest of nearly 2000 islands surrounding the area of Halong Bay. Cat Ba has 17.300ha rainforest. Under the green canopy you can find a diverse ecosystem, with hundreds of valuable medicinal plants and trees which together form a large biodiversity. Cat Ba is also the place where a famous endangered lizard, the Komodo dragon can be found. Tourists visiting Cat Ba have the choice between tropical island beaches, caves and Cat Ba National Park.
The island is located in the zone of tropical monsoons , it is less cold in winter and cooler in summer than on land.
Rainfall : 1700 - 1.800mm/an . The rainy season is in July and August.
Average temperatures : 25 to 28°C. It can reach over 30°C in summer and in winter , average temperatures are between 15-20°C but can drop to below 10°C during northeast monsoon.
Tide: between 3.3 and 3.9 m.
 How to get to the island of Cat Ba?
- By boat from the harbor of Ben Binh in Hai Phong through Halong Bay
- By high-speed boat from the harbor of Ben Binh Haiphong to Cat Ba
- By ferry from Hai Phong - Cat Hai Island by ferry Dinh Vu, then take the ferry to Ben Got Cat Hai Island - Cat Ba Island
- By ferry from Tuan Chau Island ( Halong ) to Gia Luan pier , west of Cat Ba island , then continue for 80 minutes on the route.
Monkey Island:
As its name suggests, this is an island with monkeys. This is a private island located 1.5 miles from the town of Cat Ba. The beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Cat Ba Island. The sea is so clean and emerald green, the weather is wonderful and the scenery is beautiful. At 16 -17h, when the tourists begin to leave the island, the monkeys come out. And the beach becomes their territory from the moment they come out of hiding in the land within the island.

The beaches in Cat Ba
Cat Ba has a hundred beaches, including the group of beaches Cat Co 1 , 2, 3 which are beautiful. Surrounded by mountains, with clean air and clear water , the beach Cat Co 1 is the largest and beautiful and the first choice to rest and travel. Cat Co 2 beach is quiet and mysterious. In contrast, Cat Co 3 has a modern and civilized beauty. Sitting on the beach and enjoying seafood, tourists can admire the beautiful sunset over the sea.