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An unususual way of discovering Halong Bay in STAND UP PADDLE !

It did not exist in Halong Bay up to now and Cat Ba Sailing gives you the possibility to do it now!
As close as possible to sugar loaves, you will cross caves, you will pretend to fall in order to enjoy a deserved swin after all your efforts.  And if you want, you could drink a beer while watching the sunset on your paddle ! 
Catba Sailing Junk

Our Commitment

Our goal is to give our customers the best experience they can get. Halong bay is one of the seven world wonders of nature. In order to see the true majestic of this place we strive to bring you to the hidden secrets alone, and try to avoid the big stream of boats. With Halong bay being one of the most visited places in Vietnam we try to minimize the impact we have on its nature.
About Halong Bay

About Halong Bay

The Halong bay, which appears in legendary movies such as Indochina or the James Bond’s “Tomorrow never dies”, is a place which makes dream. Located in the North Vietnam, it is made of 1969 islands. With its 1500km2 area, it is these thousands of rocky peaks which make it a unique place. Tourist come from all over the world to cruise in. Its specificities have resulted in being registered in UNESCO World heritage in 1994. The bay has been elected as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world in 2011.
The rocky peaks in Halong bay were between 50 and 100m high for the smaller and between 100 and 200m high for the higher.
The Halong bay is more than just a awesome place, it’s also a place with secrets and mysteries: numerous caves have been discovered inside the rocky peaks. The most famous and the most visited are the mysteries cave, discovered by Frenchmen and the surprises cave. The caves can have a significant hight.  Several islands have also hidden lakes, which may be found with a kayak by going through a tunnel. The Halong bay hides others treasures such as its animals, for example white face monkey.

All the legendary and famous places have a legend  and this is, of course, the case for Halong bay. Halong means “descent of the dragon” in Vietnamese as  the dragon, benevolent and really liked animal,  would come to domesticate maritime currents. And it would be its long tail which would have destroyed mountains, and then the sea would have covered the mountains and just the summits would be outside.

The true story has also a place in Halong bay story. It was the place of several battles during the fight against the Chinese invaders.  It also takes part of Vietnam war.